Brett Hatfield

Brett is dedicated to the creation of colorful and engaging visual experiences and narratives. He works primarily with copic markers, colored pencils, screen printing, watercolor, and the occasional Photoshop, and strongly believes in artwork that delights and inspires. His work has been featured in books, magazines, exhibitions, and (he is most proud of this:) comic conventions. Whenever he is available for freelance, he loves working with individuals and companies who are as passionate about their projects as he is about his art.

After moving to Louisville, KY with his beautiful and talented girlfriend, Emilie, and their horrible / adorable cat, Marica, Brett has been more prolific than ever, having reached the 2000 mark on his sketchcards and working on a children's book that will be released Summer 2013 (more details to follow closer to release!). Brett loves comics, video games, cooking, and bad puns. He pushed pretty hard for his website's theme to be a field of hats, but his webdesigner girlfriend wouldn't let him. Maaan!

If you have an interesting project that would benefit from Brett's skillset, feel free to contact him about it!